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Founded in 2018 on a model designed by Mr. John Kamin Marcxell ≪of the children’s aid and education≫, Marcxell Foundation is a foundation recognized as a public utility that brings together several volunteers, teachers, doctors and caregivers mobilized to fight poverty, providing medical care and education for children and single women. Our goal is the global and continuous care of each child and single woman through all the trials of the disease, education and training in the permanent concern of their quality of life. We assist and collaborate directly with the child welfare organizations in each country that we feel we can contribute.

Our intervention with orphanages and associations of single women requires a knowledge of the field. Marcxell Foundation carries out acts of charity in order to improve their living environment. The Marcxell Foundation’s teams also ensure the dissemination of knowledge and education in the world, through teaching and investments in schools, drinking water, electricity and the construction of dispensaries. We plan to be a pioneer in conservative therapies and pain management, we will continue to innovate in complex techniques and treatments while developing clinical research for populations in demand.

Our future goal on medical aid would be to encourage young doctors of good reference to participate once or twice a month to go and treat children and single women in Africa, Asia and elsewhere in the world. In the near future this team of doctors will be managed by Dr. Marvin Marcxell, in order to provide reference assistance for breast cancer, eye tumors and pediatric care, while continuing to diversify our activities.

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Marcxell Foundation recognized as a public utility and is entitled to receive donations and legacies. In order to progress more rapidly, donor support is an essential asset that allows us to invest in innovative programs and thus improve the quality of life of children and isolated women.

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John Kamin Marcxell Message

“The world is appreciable in the idea of humanism. I have already been around the world four times, visiting most of the countries of the world.
I have sewn up the mob of abuse everywhere,
To the deep abyss when I threw the probe,
The vice has exceeded the number of virtues. Many years ago I was in Africa when I saw two children holding hands and asking me for bread. The thoughtfulness, tenderness and affection they showed for each other warmed my heart.
It was certainly the sweetness of the love these two children felt for each other, as a fascinating symbol of perseverance and commitment. It was obvious that these two children were living in misery and that their mutual affection was still alive and strong, bread for two.
I think that another reason why this touching scene left such a deep impression on me is that it contrasts with some of the attitudes of our times. In so many societies around the world, everything seems to be “disposable”. As soon as something starts to wear out or doesn’t work anymore, or even just when we get tired of it, we throw it away and replace it with a new version, with something new, better or brighter.
We do this with water, food, our clothes, our cars and even, tragically, with our human relationships.

If de-cluttering our lives of the material things we no longer need can help, then my decision just now was not to give bread to these two wonderful children but to give them a better life. The attitude of replacing the original with something modern can lead to deep remorse. Who is the being who forgets to feed his dog and give him unfailing love? There is no one more important than a child and who draws innocent. Charity is not a work of enjoyment, it is an act of love. Marcxell Foundation offers education, training and assistance to children and single women with the aim of bringing attention to those who have not deserved anything.
My thinking is not just a convenient living arrangement to make things easier on earth. On the contrary, it is the order of humans that we are.
Good carries its fertile seed everywhere,
Could climb the path of immortality.
That is why the world made, eternal vaults,
Descend among us two angels:
The gentle Tolerance and the humble Charity.
Help those who are truly in need, those who have not deserved this situation.”


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