Marcxell Foundation is a charity for women and children. Marcxell Foundation was established in 2010 to provide women and children around the world with immediate protection and support against domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. It is the world’s first licensed non-profit shelter that operates specifically for the care of women and children. The services offered by Marcxell Foundation are in full compliance with International Human Rights obligations.

Marcxell Foundation is a Florida corporation and the U.S. subsidiary of the global operating group Marcxell Group, based in Titusville, USA. Marcxell Foundation is a world-renowned foundation that designs education for underprivileged children, provides schooling and builds the best living environments, drinking water facilities and agriculture.

Our approach to the design and implementation of our community programs is based entirely on meaningful relationships. Our activities are based on assessments of community assets and needs that are conducted with local stakeholders. This means that we work through local engagement to help a community decide for itself what it wants us to help it achieve. We focus on empowering at-risk individuals and families in poor communities to create autonomous and sustainable environments in which individuals can grow and develop.

When people make better life choices, we believe they are able to influence and motivate others to do the same. This creates a ripple effect that will influence and impact their community.


The coordination and development of our programs is done through a focused change journey. Our programs are designed to facilitate opportunities for our participants to develop in these 3 AREAS OF IDENTITY:

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The number of children who need glasses has risen quickly across East Asia and Southeast Asia. But some parents and doctors in China are skeptical of lenses. They think glasses weaken children's vision
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Stopping Human Trafficking.   

Economic Development.   

Protected Area Land Management.   

Primary Education.   

Wildlife Conservation.   

Land and Habitat Protection.   

Government Commitment.   

Extension of Protected Areas.   

  Climate Change.

  Sustainable Agriculture.

  Stopping the Killing of Protected Animals.

  Community Empowerment.

  Impact Investment.

  Livelihood Development.

  Wildlife Gallery.

  Land Use Planning.

There is as much hope as natural beauty. Just as Africa’s territory is vast and varied, so are the ecological and economic challenges. Opportunities to improve the lives of Africans and wildlife abound. At Marcxell Foundation, we are working across the continent to make this happen and help Africans chart a course for a sustainable future. Because we recognize that while every country, community and region in Africa has different needs, WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING:

An Africa that thrives for all


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